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Berlin, Germany
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Date: March 28th, 2018

Time: 7:30pm

Fuori Mercato Independent Film Festival

Como Lombardia, Italy

Date: March 22nd – 25th, 2018

Time: 7pm

Indie Lincs Film Festival

Lincoln, United Kingdom

Date: March 18th, 2018

Time: 7pm

Barcelona Around International Film Festival

Barcelona, Spain

Date: March 9th, 2018

Time: 7pm

Silk Road International Film Festival

Dublin, Ireland

Date: March 7th – 11th, 2018

Time: 7pm - 10pm

Plan A at Betahaus

Berlin, Germany

Date: March 8th, 2018

Time: 7pm

Eurasia International Film Festival

Moscow, Russia

Date: January 27th, 2018

Time: Festival Programme

European Cinematography Awards

Warsaw, Poland

Date: January 19th – 20th, 2018

Time: Festival Programme

The Mediterranean Film Festival

Siracusa, Italy/Sicily

Date: January 2nd, 2018

Time: 7pm







A film by Jordan Brown  Produced NotForProfit for free educational release featuring  Susan Greenfield  Katina Michael  Derrick Jensen  Lelia Green  Roger Clarke and Nicholas Carr  Sherry Turkle  Douglas Rushkoff with Lewis Mumford and Eli Pariser  Created by Jordan Brown and others

Stare Into The Lights My Pretties