Roger Clarke

Roger Clarke is a long-standing professional privacy and public interest advocate specialising in strategic and policy aspects of information infrastructure, data surveillance and privacy. After spending 1984-1995 as a senior Information Systems academic at the Australian National University, Clarke has since spent over 35 years in the IT industry, as a professional, manager, consultant and academic. He now works as a consultant, prolific author and public speaker on a wide range of technology and privacy issues. His academic work has provided a substantial library of community service information since early 1995, which attracts a lot of views and citations.

Clarke holds visiting professorships at the University of Hong Kong in eCommerce, at the University of New South Wales in Cyberspace Law & Policy, and at the Australian National University in Computer Science. He has also served as the chair of the Australian Privacy Foundation, a member of the advisory board for Privacy International and Electronic Frontiers Australia, as well as the board of the Internet Society of Australia.