Archives 14 March 2023

A Face Recognition Site Crawled the Web for Dead People’s Photos

PimEyes appears to have scraped a major ancestry website for pics, without permission. Experts fear the images could be used to identify living relatives.

Meet the AI expert who says we should stop using AI so much

Meredith Broussard, a data scientist and associate professor at New York University, argues that we are consistently too eager to apply artificial intelligence to social problems in inappropriate and damaging ways.

Her central claim is that using technical tools to address social problems without considering race, gender, and ability can cause immense harm. 

Broussard has also recently recovered from breast cancer, and after reading the fine print of her electronic medical records, she realized that an AI had played a part in her diagnosis—something that is increasingly common. That discovery led her to run her own experiment to learn more about how good AI was at cancer diagnostics.