Facebook “bug” prevented users from deleting their accounts

Until just a few days ago, some Facebook users could not delete their accounts — the option to do so simply didn’t work. After VentureBeat reached out to Facebook regarding the issue, an engineer was able to squash the bug.

Two weeks ago, I got an email from a VentureBeat reader who couldn’t delete his Facebook account. He claimed there were others also having issues — no matter what they tried, they simply could not delete Facebook. I didn’t believe him at first. […] I did my due diligence. The least I could do was help him delete his account. Upon request, the reader was gracious enough to let me log into his Facebook account so I could see for myself. No matter what I tried, and regardless of which browser I used, the Facebook help page for deleting your account would not load when logged into his account.

The reporter contacted a Facebook spokesperson, who after looking into the matter concluded that a bug prevented some people with “a large number of posts” from deleting their accounts. Facebook says it has resolved the issue.